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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Veterinary: Guest Blog

Tele-radiology experts VetCT have been exploring the history and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine, including its uses in small animal, farm and equine practice, radiology and veterinary education, and its potential impacts on the well-being of veterinary teams and the workforce.

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Fuel Versus Friction: Why Friction is More Important Than Fuel for Innovation

For many it is more instinctual to search for fuel to draw people in. This is mainly because we relate friction to slowing down, and fuel to powering you forward. But what if you’ve been looking at the two elements from the wrong perspective? Rather than trying to entice customers to where you feel most comfortable serving them, the fuel versus friction theory looks at identifying what blocks the essential interactions needed to complete a transaction. So, in the battle to successfully innovate, why is establishing your points of friction more important than generating fuel?

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Talking Bacteria: How Quorum-Sensing Works

Quorum sensing is a bacterial cell to cell communication process that involves the production, detection, and response to extracellular signalling molecules. Bacteria "talk" to each other, using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defence and mount attacks.

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Financial Freedom For Vets: 5 Ways to Achieve Immediate Profitability from Your Practice 🦅

Most vets work far too hard for far too many hours for far too little return. The principle cause of this is vets’ failure to charge profitably for their professional time. Often they don’t know what their professional time is worth except in terms of the consultation or surgical fee and these are often determined by what other practices charge rather than based on the needs of the practice finances and profitability.

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Empowering Sustainable Vet Practices: Building A Greener Future Through Partnership 🍀

The veterinary profession is increasingly motivated to improve sustainability in all areas of practice. We’ve made great steps forward in some places, whilst in others we face complex challenges as we balance our desire to give the best care to our patients with our potential impact on the world around us. Practices can only do so much alone, and having sustainability in mind when choosing partners and products is becoming increasingly important.

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Quality, Cost & Convenience: Understanding the New Veterinary Business Model

This week Dr. Thom Jenkins explains how getting the balance between quality, cost and convenience can revolutionise a clinics understanding of just how competitive their veterinary business model can be. # Back to The Future In 2007 hoping to piggy back on to the ever increasing trend of 'pets', a group of marketers decided that the future of pet care was going to be robotic pets. Companion pets that wouldn't get sick, need walking or ever throw up on your pillow. However, fast forward just over 15 years and a global pandemic it turns out that there's something intrinsic to picking up the faecal matter of another species that we humans find therapeutic!

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Veterinary Growth Hacks: Tips For Scalable Success 📈

Built by UK Vet Dr. Thom Jenkins, PetsApp’s driving force is his unwavering belief that the local vet is best placed to look after and serve the needs of any pet. However, often, any increase in patient advocacy comes at the sacrifice of the team. Realising that the power of the appointment needed to shift, he set about creating the app.

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Carving Out Your Own Career in Veterinary

A common theme this month has been the need for change within veterinary when it comes to how we recruit and retain our veterinary teams. With lots of talk both around how to attract the right candidates as well as how to carve out your own career in veterinary that is bespoke to you.

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AI: 5 Tips for Veterinary Professionals

Never has the field of veterinary medicine evolved as fast as it was forced to over the past decade. Much like the veterinary industry, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly growing. In today’s blog post, using insights from the pack we discuss 5 tips for veterinary professionals and the people and pets they serve .

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Pioneering Women in Veterinary: International Women's Day 🌟 In Association with SPVS

SPVS and PetsApp Come Together to Celebrate Women in Veterinary for International Women’s Day Tune in on International Women’s Day. Chairing the session, Ami Sawran will be joined by panelists Angela Jones (Clinical Director, The George Equine Clinic), Kerrie Hedley (COO, XLVets) and Dr. Donita McCants (Founding Vet, Veterinary Concierge Services). Sharing their stories, the panel aims to use their personal experiences to give advice and guidance on best outcomes for individuals in the veterinary community, seeking support and employers wanting to do better.

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