RCVS Honours 2024 : Dr. Thom Jenkins to Receive Impact Award

Last month RCVS announced the recipients of the 2024 RCVS Honours and Awards. The pack are very proud to announce that amongst those highlighthed for the work they have done for the UK veterinary community were PetsApp's very own CEO and cofounder Dr. Thom Jenkins.

RCVS President Dr Sue Paterson FRCVS said:

“This year we saw a record number of people submit nominations for our suite of awards thanks to a very active social media campaign. This campaign saw a number of previous years’ recipients talking about how important their award was to them, and encouraging members of the professions to recognise veterinary excellence by making nominations, and its success was demonstrably clear. Having so many high-quality nominations meant the Nominations Committee and RCVS Council were left with a difficult decision on who to choose, although it gave us great pride to see so much veterinary excellence on display. All of this year’s winners are the cream of a very large crop and so I congratulate them all for this very significant achievement.”

The RCVS Impact Award

The Impact Award is bestowed upon a vet or vet nurse who has recently made a considerable impact that has affected the profession at large, animal health or welfare, or public health.

This year’s recipients are: Dr Eve Hanks MRCVS, Thom Jenkins MRCVS and Mark Morton MRCVS. The full list of awards and recipients can be found on the official RCVS website.

Serving Animals and the People that Care for Them

Thom's nomination was led by pack member Dr, Jessica May with the kind backing and guidance of Caroline Collins (Pennards) and Justin Phillips (Practice Made Purrfect).

Dr Jessica May MRCVS, Customer Success Team Lead at PetsApp said:

“Thom is a visionary. He will continue to inspire the professions and many people beyond, too. Whether it is finding even more ways to galvanise clinic teams to serve pets more efficiently and effectively, or delighting owners with their customer experiences, or attracting talent from other industries. He strives for progress every day and is never content with ‘business as usual’.

Thom has a true growth mindset, which is coupled with deep understanding and compassion. His energy and motivation are contagious. Thom uses highly scientific methodology in his business process; yesterday’s successes are fertile grounds for reflection and testing new hypotheses. This rigour is strongly appreciated by veterinary professionals.”

Dr. Thom Jenkins' journey in veterinary medicine is marked by a profound commitment to effecting positive change at both local and global levels. Currently based in Minnesota Thom was humbled by the award announcement and is excited to return to his native London to receive the award in person, later in the year.

"Serving animals and the people who care for them, especially veterinary professionals, is an incredibly gratifying way to direct your life’s work, award or not. But it would be coy not to admit that the recognition of the impact the whole of the PetsApp pack has had means a lot to me. On the startup journey, where you are willing something out of nothing, you take your milestones where you can. And this definitely feels like one."

  • Dr. Thom Jenkins

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