Veterinary CRM Software: Otto Versus PetsApp

Veterinary CRM Software has revolutionized the way in which veterinary teams are able to engage with their clients as well as how pet owners manage the health of their animal companions. Among the options available, Otto Vet and PetsApp stand out as leading contenders. But which one is truly the top dog? In this comprehensive comparison, with the help of the pack we delve into the features, functionality, and user experiences of both platforms and their apps while also incorporating insights from real user reviews.


Otto Vet offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline veterinary care for both pet owners and veterinary professionals. From appointment scheduling and telemedicine consultations to health record management and prescription requests, Otto Vet aims to simplify every aspect of pet care.

Pros for Otto

Otto's user-friendly interface, caters to both pet owners and veterinary professionals. Otto has robust health record management which allows clients easy access to their pet's medical history.

Cons for Otto

Otto has an app but it's capabilities are limited with some users reporting occasional glitches and bugs, impacting their overall user experience.

Otto does not have the following features or services:

  1. No AI assistance
  2. No in dashboard tagging
  3. No chat summary or write back to medical notes in PIMS
  4. No self serve for pet owners
  5. No cobranding opportunities
  6. No integrated loyalty plans
  7. No push notification campaigns for reminders to drive pet owner uptake


PetsApp is a leading veterinary communication platform with app that offers a wide range of features to enhance pet care and engagement between pet owners and veterinary clinics. With features such as appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, prescription requests, and health record management, PetsApp aims to provide a holistic approach to pet health management to better support veterinary teams and the pets they care for.

Pros for PetsApp

PetsApp has a comprehensive suite of features catering to all needs of the veterinary team and their clients. Its intuitive interface is easy to navigate for both pet owners and veterinary professionals, with a strong emphasis on user experience, shown by it's regular updates and ever evolving capabilities based on user feedback, driven by regular CES (Customer Effort Scoring) and quarterly in person user groups such as PetsApp Together.

Cons for PetsApp

Some users report occasional delays in appointment scheduling and prescription requests, but stated all issues were resolved in a timely fashion.

User Reviews

To provide a well-rounded perspective, let's take a look at user reviews from across the various platforms, including the App Store, Google Apps and GetApp.

Google App Reviews

  • Otto Scored: 4.6

  • PetsApp Scored: 4.7

Users praise Otto Vet for its user-friendly interface and seamless appointment scheduling.

"I generally find the platform helpful, but it absolutely needs some UX help for multiple animals: animal profiles you can click on and nest conversations under would be great. Right now, it supports only one conversation at a time; with six cats, most of whom have some special needs, it's very odd to me that I can't run conversations on a couple of my cats at once, in different chats." - Ari Holmes

PetsApp receives high marks for its comprehensive features and excellent customer support.

"Dr. Martin [Island Veterinarian Group] was able to communicate timely and detailed information to me within a matter of minutes, which, in turn, I could read whenever convenient to do so. This app is a game changer and makes me feel like my fury family member is just as important as a human one with regards to receiving timely care and consultations. Staff are responsive and have quick turnarounds. The level of detail is excellent, and ease of accessibility is on point." - Lynitta F

Get App Reviews

  • Otto Scored: Unreviewed

  • PetsApp Scored: 4.8

PetsApp receives positive reviews for their functionality and ease of use, with users appreciating the convenience of both its telemedicine consultations and prescription requests.

App Store Reviews

Otto Scored: 4.7

Here's a front page selection of what users said:

Otto Reviews on the App Store

Otto Vet and PetsApp both receive glowing reviews from pet owners and veterinary professionals alike, with many users praising the apps for their role in improving pet health management and communication.

PetsApp Scored:5

Here's a front page selection of what users said:

PetsApp Reviews in the App Store

Both Otto Vet and PetsApp emerge as strong offerings, each providing a wide range of features to enhance pet care and communication between pet owners and veterinary teams. However, overall, PetsApp's comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, telemedicine capabilities, strong customer support, and geographic availability make it a better solution compared to Otto Vet's software.

With PetsApp, pet owners and veterinary clinics can enjoy a seamless and convenient experience in managing pet care and communication. Veterinary practices are also offered an array of tailored solutions to help drive their business model, better support their teams and all while reaping the support of an ever growing community.

Feature Comparison of Otto and PetsApp

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