Veterinary Growth Hacks: Tips For Scalable Success 📈

Built by UK Vet Dr. Thom Jenkins, PetsApp’s driving force is his unwavering belief that the local vet is best placed to look after and serve the needs of any pet. However, often, any increase in patient advocacy comes at the sacrifice of the team. Realising that the power of the appointment needed to shift, he set about creating the app.

We cannot change who ultimately decides when a pet needs to come in and be seen; ie if a nipple is mistaken for a cancerous growth or if an aggressively ill patient’s journey in is delayed to avoid discomfort.

And it begins by capturing those 2 annual necessity visits a year and then layering in the needs of the patient through automated communication; text reminders to combat missed appointments and essential reviews, push notification campaigns during key seasons, social media coverage, home delivery for repeat orders. Lastly, wellness plans that allow for continued affordable healthcare that not only advocates for the pet through increased pet owner compliance, but puts the control of the ‘when’ and ‘why’ back into the hands of the veterinary team in charge of any given animal’s care.

Key learning objectives:

👐 Understand how PetsApp increases touch points to improve pet care

🪐 Explore the benefits of a multi-modal communication approach

☄️ Discover how PetsApp puts control back in the hands of the veterinary team through wellness plans

Meet the Drs! 🕺🕺

Peter Weinstein

Dr Peter Weinstein is a husband, father, pet parent, veterinarian and leader.

He has been involved with virtually all aspects of veterinary practice from a 15 year old kennel kid to a hospital owner. Organized veterinary medicine has been a passion as well with various roles and leadership and presidencies of Southern California VMA, California VMA, and Vet Partners.

He is a published author, most notably of the EMyth Veterinarian-Why Most Veterinary Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It.

Currently, he is teaching business and finance at the Veterinary College of Western University of Health Sciences.

He likes to think of himself as a free thinking change agent and disruptor who, because he has a daughter in veterinary school, is working for an even better veterinary profession in the future.

Thom Jenkins

Thom is a vet and has run veterinary clinic groups internationally. He has sat on the board of and been an advisor to companies both within and outside of the veterinary sector. He is the CEO and Co-founder of PetsApp, a client engagement tool providing client communication, reminders, appointment booking and digital payments to hundreds of clinics and thousands of veterinary professionals. Thom is proud of the work the PetsApp pack have done in alleviating the load on veterinary teams facilitating business growth, while improving the care received by pets and their owners.

He has led innovative veterinary groups in the UK and abroad for years. He was the inaugural Chair of VetForum and advises companies looking to make a positive impact on society. Thom has a mini zoo at home with 3 kids, a dog and cat called Addy. Mountain gorillas are his second favourite animal at age 8 he set up a not-for-profit called The Gorilla Club.

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