Tips For Abdominal Radiograph Interpretation, with Seth Wallack

Radiology is a technology driven speciality, and the technology is rapidly changing. Furthermore, GI issues are a common occurrence in the clinic (especially in emergency circumstances), and whilst obtaining abdominal radiographs is a common and somewhat uncomplicated occurrence, interpretation of abdominal radiographs is anything but. It is unfortunate that we experience veterinary emergencies on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Rapid and accurate patient assessment, diagnostic imaging interpretation and treatment can be the difference between patient survival and death.

In this webinar, Seth (through online radiology rounds) will be demonstrating simple and easy tips you can implement to make this flow work for you and your patients - introducing some concepts involving artificial intelligence.

About the speaker

Seth Wallack DVM, DACVR Founder of VICSD, Vetology & Vetology Ai

For his entire radiology career, Seth's mission has been to support the veterinary radiology community. For the last 10 years, he has devoted his efforts to develop and deploy a set of technologies that will transform and streamline radiologist workflow while continuing radiologist financial success, in the profession that we all love. With Vetology AI sitting in a leadership position to drive the next phase of veterinary teleradiology; and with veterinary radiologists in control, together we stand at the edge of improving ‘the veterinary radiologist's life in the business as usual market’. His mission going forward is to outline this path for radiologists looking to take their career to the next level in terms of financial, career and lifestyle growth by incorporating artificial intelligence.

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