PetsApp Together: Speakers Confirmed

It's with great excitement that we announce the confirmed lineup of speakers for the upcoming PetsApp Together event! Our event aims to bring together experts, innovators, and thought leaders from our PetsApp Together community to share insights, discuss trends, and explore the future of pet health care aided by PetsApp.

Mark your calendars for a day filled with engaging user groups and workshops with lots and lots of valuable takeaways.

Without no further ado, let's introduce our confirmed speakers:

Vanessa Waite

Vanessa Waite, The Vet Station

Join head vet and founder of the Vet Station, Vanessa Waite MA vetMB MRCVS CertAVP GPcert(DI) as she explains the importance of supporting your local community and how to adapt your services to accommodate all.

Cambridge graduate Vanessa, grew up in the beautiful Rhondda valley in South Wales with a family of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and the occasional sheep! Lucky to have been able to do everything in general practice, from preventative healthcare to complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries, pet owners travel in from all over the country to visit her.

Talk 2: Why Local Vets Belong at the Heart of the Pet care Journey

In the Study, 10.50am - 11.50am

Kate Higgins and Howard Goatley, Village Vets Formby

PetsApp Podcast Together Special

Dr. Kate Higgins and Howard Goatley are on a mission to offer the highest level of support and care to their local pet owning community. Howard and Kate nurture patient advocacy and compliance by creating a conscientious and caring pet care experience for their clients. From activating Wellness Plans to constantly identifying their one true bottleneck (at any given time), the award winning clinic owners will walk through all their top tips and hacks.

Talk 4: How to Nurture Advocacy and Compliance

In the Study, 2.05 pm - 3.05pm

Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips, Practice Made Purrfect

Justin will be joining XLVets Director and Head of Thrums, Gavin Durston as they walk through how they've used PetsApp campaigns to further develop the success of the almost 80 year old practice.

Gavin Durston, Thrums Vets

Established in 1948, Thrums is a thriving mixed practice, treating pets, horses and farm animals throughout Angus and Perthshire. Living by the ethos of providing dedicated, professional care – not just for the animals in their care, but their clients and every member of their team too. The team at Thrums pride themselves at standing within their community and are committed to playing a pivotal role in providing the best care possible to all species.

“Reminders are a fundamental function of our business and we love the fact PetsApp empowers us to proactively manage that.”

Talk 5: Creating a Framework of Success: The Thrums Story

In the Study, 4.35 pm - 5.35 pm

Thom Jenkins

leading 3 interactive workshops, pack lead Dr. Thom Jenkins has created 3 hours of CPD especially tailored to help clinics better support their teams and the pets they serve.

Talk 1: Your Complete Patient Advocacy Tool Kit

In the Study, 9.45am - 10.45am

Talk 3: How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

In the Study, 11.55am - 12.55pm

Talk 5:Addressing Your Clinic's One Bottleneck

In the Study from 3.10pm - 4.10 pm

PetsApp Together promises to be a dynamic and informative event, community event. Bringing together professionals passionate about keeping veterinary teams at the heart of the pet care journey.

Stay tuned for further updates, but in the mean time, let's have a look at the last events activities, backin September...

PetsApp Together 2

If you'd like to be added to the next PetsApp Together attendee list or lead a session on your user experience, please email:

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