Mobile Veterinary Practice: Top Hacks for Startups 🚐

Being a mobile/concierge practitioner is a very niche market, so there are always questions from colleagues and clients about the differences, and the benefits compared to a brick and mortar.

From differences in expenses and in clientele - every visit is always an experience. Preparation prior to the appointment is key for a stress-free visit for the patient and client.

Tools such as PetsApp and other advances with clear communication is what sets us apart, and keeps that family feel that clients are seeking and expecting from this special experience.

Key learning objectives:

🐹 Differences with mobile practice and convenience for clients and patients 

🥺 How it decreases stress for and patient and client

🗓 How PetsApp helps keep us paperless, have clear communication and control of our schedule and time

Meet Dr Donita McCants DVM! 🐝

Dr. Donita McCants received her Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Georgia in 2011 and then went on to Tuskegee University to complete Veterinary training and graduated in 2015. She was a general practitioner in private and corporate practice for years and has some internship training at Blue Pearl in Maitland! She has strong interests in surgery, internal medicine, and dermatology!

She opened Dr. Donita's Veterinary Concierge Services in August 2021 and expanded to a full service Mercedes Benz sprinter van in March 2022; where she can now complete surgeries, radiographs, bloodwork, etc. She loves to spend time with her 9 year old son Stephen, her fiance Joe and their bernedoodle named Axel Rose!

Dr. Donita enjoys giving back to the community by participating in various speaking engagements to inspire the youth. She also participates in events around Orlando, and is very active on her social media pages “Ask Dr. Donita” where she gives beyond first-class veterinary advice and speaks with others in the pet community to raise awareness about pet health and care!

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