Mastering Pet Owner Communication: Maximise Client Retention with Minimal Effort 🪄

In the veterinary industry, reminders play a crucial role in bringing patients back to the clinic for annual check-ups and vaccinations.

With an average of two visits per year generated by reminders, it’s essential to have effective reminder strategies in place.

However, current reminder strategies are no longer enough to meet the needs and expectations of the new “near me” generation, who are the largest pet owning generation.

Given that zip/post code is the number one predictor of the vet a pet owner would choose, are you doing enough to ensure those two visits come back to you?

In this webinar, we'll delve into techniques you can use to bond your clients to your clinic through automatic nudges, resulting in more informed and loyal owners.

Join us to learn how to improve client retention, build stronger connections with pet owners, and improve compliance with your recommendations.

Key learning objectives:

📍 Understand the communication preferences and needs of the new "near me" generation of pet owners and how to create effective reminder strategies that resonate with them

🤝 Discover effective ways to build trust and establish your clinic as a trusted source of information, including strategies for countering non-veterinary influencers on social media

🐾 Learn how to improve client compliance, including tips for creating engaging reminders and proactive communication strategies that can help keep clients engaged and loyal to your practice

Have you met Will Monk yet? 🐶

Will has been building products and leading engineering teams across some of the UK's most innovative companies for over a decade, with previous experiences in Trainline and PassFort.

Will is the CTO and co-founder of PetsApp, running all things tech at PetsApp and has spent the last 4 years working with veterinary teams to help make running their practices easier. By the numbers, he's helped 450,000+ clinics in the US & UK, which has led to helping make 300,000 pets access care easier.

When Will isn't helping to build our great PetsApp features, he's making pizzas and then attempts to run off the pizzas. Right now, he's better at building features...

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