Injured to Inspired: How Physiotherapy Enhances Veterinary-Patient Relationships ❤️‍🩹

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is becoming increasing popular among pet owners as they look for additional ways they can help their pets.

Your patients’ wellness journey doesn’t end when they are discharged after a procedure, we need to provide these animals and their owners with ongoing care and support to maximise recovery and minimise compensatory issues. Referrals are more often than not client-led but we should be equipping practices with the skills and knowledge to take back control of the referral process and possibly even provide some services in-house.

In this webinar we will look at what the veterinary rehabilitation industry looks like in the UK. We will talk about the benefits of physio and rehab to your patients, ways you can implement changes in practice, how to take back control of the referral process, and the benefits of rehab to your practice.

Key learning objectives:

🐾 The benefits of physio and rehab to your patients

😊 Little and large changes you can make to implement physio in your practice

🕹 Taking back control of the referral process

💜 The benefits of rehabilitation to your practice

Meeting the speaker – Eloise Collins 🐾

Eloise Collins is a veterinary nurse and physiotherapist.

She qualified as an RVN in 2013 from Harper Adams University and initially worked as an equine nurse before moving into small animal practice, where she has been ever since.

She went on to complete a PgD in veterinary physiotherapy and has worked as a physio both in-practice and as a mobile therapist. Eloise is the founder of Wellpethub, an online directory helping owners find local, trusted rehab professionals to help with their pet’s wellness journey.

Her aim is to educate pet owners and improve communication and collaboration between veterinary and rehabilitation professionals.

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