Driving Profitability: Unleashing The Power Of Health Plans 🔥

In this session Kate will share her journey from designing the practice’s first health plan, through to its current iteration which includes unlimited consultations.

She’ll explore the stumbling blocks and learnings along the way, what drove decisions to change, what has worked, and what hasn’t.

Discussion points will include reasons to and benefits of having a health plan in your practice – for your team, your clients and your bottom line – and how to get your team on board with promoting your plan, as well as the potential benefits of including consults in your plan and whether being membership-only could be to your advantage…

Key learning objectives:

🧭 Explore the journey of designing and implementing a practice’s health plan, including benefits and challenges

♟ Develop effective strategies to promote a health plan to the team and clients for increased engagement

🦄 Assess the advantages and disadvantages of unlimited consultations and a membership-only approach in a health plan, considering the impact on the practice’s success

Meet the speaker – Kate Higgins 🐶

Kate is a passionate Vet, leader and business owner (and consultant) with 20 years experience in practice.

Since acquiring her single vet practice in Merseyside 10 years ago she has invested heavily in team and culture, growing it to a 2 site, 6 vet practice where her amazing teampawsome have the autonomy to run the day to day and maintain their reputation for outstanding client care.

Always looking for ways to change and innovate, she became one of the first vet practices to include unlimited consults in their health plan, and over two years ago they also became one of the first membership-only practices in the UK.

Kate is excited about the future of veterinary practice and sees opportunities for independents to thrive, using tech to enable Vets to do what they do best – be vets! In her own practice, she is constantly looking for ways to empower team members, streamline processes and make lives easier for the team and clients.

In her free time Kate is also a Regional Rep for BVA, on the Advisory Board for Webinar vet, mum to 2 kids and constantly on the search for the next big idea!!

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