Case Study: Dr. Donita McCants – Using PetsApp as a Mobile Veterinary Practitioner

Proudly aided by the PetsApp pack Dr. Donita McCant's veterinary concierge services have been a runaway success.

An experienced Veterinarian with a demonstrated history of supporting the veterinary industry, we asked Dr. Donita McCants how using PetsApp as a mobile veterinary practitioner has helped with managing the hybrid, mobile pet care services she offers.

Meeting the needs of many busy pet parents, a new wave of mobile veterinarians have seen their commitment to providing effortless, time saving services welcomed with wide open arms (and paws).

A big fan and customer of PetsApp Dr. Donita jumped at the chance to catch up with us at VMX and share her learnings from the early days of setting up her mobile veterinary practice and how implementing PetsApp has allowed her to level up on the amount of features she can single handedly offer her clients and patients on the road.

Mobile Vet Bus

How Do You Use PetsApp as a Mobile Veterinary Practitioner?

I started out as a mobile veterinary practitioner about a year and a half ago now and met PetsApp shortly after in Florida at VMX (last year). I remember I came to see you and I signed up the same day. I have been using PetsApp ever since.

Back then (in the start) I didn't have our mobile sprinter van yet; we started with just our car. When I met the PetsApp pack, it was January and it was about a month and a half after that I got my Mercedes Sprinter van, that alone was very exciting!


I use PetsApp every, single, day! I usually start using it when I'm on the way to a client's, via my phone. I'll send them a text like "hey where should I meet you?"

This is when they usually are first introduced to the app and then a lot of times they'll tell me afterwards, “like hey this is so great, I love the app feature you have” and then they'll put the pictures on there and send me email requests.

It means I can receive inquiries while I'm enroute to my next appointment, which is great because I don't have a receptionist and I don't have a big team of staff but I do have a lot of people I need to serve.


If I need to stop and talk or text I can, but I pretty much have all the app functions as extra sets of hands and I can see the app in use and pictures coming through from my pet owners, which I can respond to asynchronously, between appointments.

What Would You Recommend for New Mobile Clinics, Starting up?

For new mobile clinics or people looking out to start a mobile practice, in my opinion expos such as VMX are the place that you want to be. When I was considering starting up I went to VMX.

I got as much information as I could as when I started there wasn't as much info out there for new veterinary start ups, looking to make their livelihood in different ways.

There weren't any options available for veterinary health care providers regardless of what you wanted to do.

So, coming to the event kind of opened my eyes to different things I needed to know, all this information that I could use to be better prepared for the future and action what I really wanted to do. It’s also where I met the PetsApp pack.

How Do Your Clients Rate PetsApp?

My clients love PetsApp. They get hyped and say they love the app feature we have, as they've never had these kinds of added services before that allow them to do virtual consultations or remote payments.

The fact that I can do mobile consultations means that I don’t have an over-booked appointment window and instead of having to go to a client's house and charge them for the house visit everytime, when appropriate we can do a virtual consultation and take care of things that way.

With so many versatile options for the services we offer, I'm able to pass on saved fees and reduce the stress of a pet always having to come back and forth to the clinic.


Want to Learn More?

If you've found this article helpful you should also check out Doctor Donita's PetsApp webinar covering her hybrid model as a licensed veterinary practitioner serving her Florida based patients on the road. Or why not check out our other case studies from some of the thousands of veterinary professionals using PetsApp worldwide.

Dr. Donita McCants

A practice owner and qualified veterinarian, Donita's veterinary concierge services is a full-service mobile animal clinic that welcomes emergency cases as well as standard pet patients in need of routine medical services, vaccines and diagnostics.

Used by thousands of veterinary professionals, across hundreds of clinics; The most successful veterinary teams use PetsApp. With everything from appointment requests or booking, wellness plans and deliveries to 2 way SMS, reminders and digital payments, PetsApp gives you all the tools you need, all in one place.

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