Cracking The Code: How to Improve Diagnostic Compliance 🩻

During this panel discussion three industry leaders will discuss the changes they are seeing in diagnostic testing and how those changes are leading to better medicine.

You will hear from QSM Diagnostics CEO and Founder Ed Goluch as he discusses what a quorum sensing molecule is and how they relate to the future of diagnostic testing.

Dr. Aaron Smiley will discuss how he uses in-clinic diagnostic tools like the Otter eQ to help lessen the number of false positives he sees in regard to pseudomonas, promote antimicrobial stewardship and practice better medicine.

And Dr. Donita McCants will discuss how she incorporates mail-in diagnostic testing into her mobile practice, how it helps her get results faster and at a lower cost, and how easy the experience has been for her and her customers.

Key learning objectives:

🤔 What are QSM and how are they important to the future of diagnostic testing

🔬 How new in clinic tests can improve your diagnosis process

🔑 How you can provide your clients with access to testing when you’re not available - allows the pet owner to be more engaged with their veterinarian and the health of their pet

Meet the speakers!

Ed Goluch, PhD – Founder, QSM Diagnostics Inc.

Ed Goluch is the founder and CEO of QSM Diagnostics, makers of the Otter eQ laboratory instrument platform and FetchDx mail-in testing kits. Prior to QSM, Ed was a tenured professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University. Before joining Northeastern, Ed was a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Bionanoscience Department at Delft University in the Netherlands. Ed earned his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he has over 60 publications and several patents in the areas of sensors, microfluidics, and biophysics. His interdisciplinary background in chemical, mechanical, and biological engineering allows him to connect concepts from various disciplines to provide unique solutionsto complex problems.

Dr. Aaron Smiley

Dr. Aaron Smiley is a dedicated veterinarian at the Devonshire Veterinary Clinic, located in Anderson, Indiana. In addition to his hands-on work with animals, he contributes to VetCor in a strategic capacity as a Chief of Staff Advisor.

Previously, Dr. Smiley led the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association as its president, and he's recognized as one of the founding members of the Veterinary Virtual Care Association. His expertise is also utilized in a human healthcare system, His commitment to education led him to design a digital care course for the University of Illinois iLearning Center, broadening the horizons for the next generation of medical practitioners.

Across the country, Dr. Smiley is a respected speaker on topics of leadership and veterinary telemedicine. Known for his engaging style, he combines entertainment with practical advice to deliver impactful lectures.

Dr Donita McCants DVM

Dr. Donita McCants received her Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Georgia in 2011 and then went on to Tuskegee University to complete Veterinary training and graduated in 2015. She was a general practitioner in private and corporate practice for years and has some internship training at Blue Pearl in Maitland!

She has strong interests in surgery, internal medicine, and dermatology! She opened Dr. Donita's Veterinary Concierge Services in August 2021 and expanded to a full service Mercedes Benz sprinter van in March 2022; where she can now complete surgeries, radiographs, bloodwork, etc. She loves to spend time with her 9 year old son Stephen, her fiancé Joe and their bernedoodle named Axel Rose!

Dr. Donita enjoys giving back to the community by participating in various speaking engagements to inspire the youth. She also participates in events around Orlando, and is very active on her social media pages “Ask Dr. Donita” where she gives beyond first-class veterinary advice and speaks with others in the pet community to raise awareness about pet health and care!

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