PetsApp CoPilot: The First AI Communication Assistant for Veterinary Teams

On a mission to make their essential time saving tool kit available to as many practices and pets as possible, PetsApp already supports thousands of professionals in hundreds of clinics across the globe. Now the PetsApp pack are putting the power of AI into the hands of veterinary teams around the world. Teams using PetsApp to provide high quality care will be able to do so even more quickly using CoPilot. More than 1 million pets will now be helped with the vet ai assistant.

Employing the latest from OpenAI PetsApp CoPilot combines the PetsApp pack’s decades of veterinary expertise and customer service knowledge with the power of AI; creating tailored responses to help with the most difficult chats, instantly.

How Does PetsApp Work?

The veterinary communication and pet health platform allows vets to send reminders, schedule vaccinations, discuss treatments, set up wellness plans and run marketing campaigns while also enabling pet owners to book appointments, seek advice via multiple forms of communication (from video to SMS text chat) and make instant payments on the go, at anytime via their phone.

How Is PetsApp Using AI?

Wanting to help local vets gain back control and improve the outcomes for their patients, the PetsApp pack have long discussed the potential value and inclusion of AI as an added customer service tool to help populate their clinic’s template library and to offer quick access to well written documents often needed for sending out routine appointment reminders and payment requests. But before they were willing to go live with an AI-powered feature within the app it was essential that anything implemented enhanced the experience of both the veterinary teams and the pets and owners they serve, without hindering essential relationship building engagement and the continued high level of service offered.

“Ensuring the local veterinary team maintain their position as the people best placed to serve pets has always been at the heart of everything we do as a Pack. Essentially PetsApp Co-Pilot equals Better Customer Support, which is why the pack have worked tirelessly to create an AI powered feature within the app that is not only beneficial to veterinary teams and their clients but is also effortless and safe to use.”

-Will Monk, PetsApp co-founder and CTO

Introducing PetsApp CoPilot

PetsApp chat has always made communicating with clients easier, reducing time spent handling phone calls by almost 800 hours in a single year for teams such as Pennard Vets.

Designed to help clinic teams struggling to respond to sensitive messages and clients, PetsApp CoPilot makes the chat feature more effective than ever before.

The relationship between the veterinary team and their clients is key to providing great care. The PetsApp CoPilot is designed to suggest replies for all inbound pet owner messages that the vet team can send. With the power of AI at their fingertips the team can breeze through their chat inbox effortlessly, saving time whilst delivering high quality and sensitive care for their patients.

“We believe local veterinary teams remain the very best placed people to serve pets. However, they very often face overwhelm. Done right, as with PetsApp Co-pilot, AI can augment human connection and expertise, not replace it! Re-affirming the position of veterinary professionals at the heart of the pet care experience.”

-Dr. Thom Jenkins, PetsApp co-founder and CEO

How PetsApp CoPilot Works

PetsApp CoPilot is the first AI powered assistant built by veterinary teams for veterinary teams. Making it as easy as possible to respond to pet owner’s requests as timely and sensitively as possible.

So, how does it work? Well we’ve broken down the key elements below:

1) If a new Chat message is in a clinic’s inbox for more than 15 minutes, a prompt for a suggested message will appear

2) Selecting the prompt will result in the message appearing typed but unsent in the conversation inbox

3) Always remaining editable until the team member chooses to send

4) Clients see and receive the message as if it’s coming from the veterinary team or member they were reaching out to

PetsApp uses AI to suggest the message, PetsApp strips out any PII using industry beating machine learning models before any request goes to OpenAI, to ensure peace of mind and making sure that no clinic data is shared. CoPilot is designed to help augment patient advocacy efforts, this fully tested and the first of its kind (within Veterinary), AI powered CoPilot is available to all PetsApp users as standard.

Learn More

If you're a customer wanting to learn more about CoPilot, simply email your Customer Success Manager. Not a PetsApp user, yet? Why not book a demo, to learn why the most successful veterinary teams are using PetsApp.

Alternatively learn more on the power of AI in veterinary by watching our recent webinar with Dr. Katie Ford and Scott Bowler.

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